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4 Emerging green collar jobs in wind energy

4 Emerging green collar jobs in wind energy(By Ezra Drissman via Daily Green)As wind technology advances so follows wind power jobs. Wind jobs are green

careers because wind is a natural, renewable energy source. Wind and solar

power jobs are uniquely connected with the new smart grid that is being

constructed. Due to the huge amounts of electricity that can be harnessed,

smart grids will provide the much-needed mechanisms to push wind

electricity around the country.While this is happening, wind energy jobs are opening up all across the

United States. Here are some great jobs to think about:Wind Turbine Machinist: A wind turbine machinist is just like a production

machinist for any other industry, only in this case they specialize in the

production of metal and plastic parts for wind turbines. A wind turbine

machinist first reviews blueprints (written or electronic) for the specific

part needing to be made. Next, they select the tools and equipment needed

to shape the piece, and calculate where to cut or drill the material they

are working with (steel, aluminum, titanium, plastic, etc.). They use their

knowledge of metal properties and skill with machine tools to produce the

part to extremely precise specifications.Wind Power Turbine Installer: A

wind power turbine installer must be well acquainted with the physics and

science of wind turbines; this explains why a background in applied science

is a must for those interested in this career. A wind power turbine

installer has to know the different wind speeds and how a wind turbine

works, because outfitting a home with a wind turbine relies on this

technical knowledge.Wind Analyst: A wind analyst is a meteorological

professional who uses advanced scientific models and equipment to predict

and measure wind flow. Wind analysts study the effect of wind flow at

current turbine sites, and help plan and develop new wind farm sites. They

study meteorological data and estimate wind output to support consulting

services in wind energy development.Wind Energy Technician: Wind energy

technicians maintain turbines on wind farms. If you are thinking about this

field, you will need to have a fairly strong background and understanding

of mechanical and electrical principles. You will also need to be in fairly

good shape. Taking care of really tall turbines involves climbing a lot of

stairs.Wind farms will only grow in number. If you are looking to get into this

field start now. The opportunity for growth is immense.For the very latest wind energy jobs from around the world please click here