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Clean cars = green jobs

"Clean cars = green jobsHow government bailout loans to the auto industry can help spur a greener
economy (in more ways than one).(By Ezra Drissman of GreenCareersGuidevia the daily green)The Department of Energy recently announced plans to give loans to car
companies in order to retool to make cleaner, greener cars. With billions
now available, these car companies will undoubtedly create more green jobs.In order to appreciate how much this will affect the green landscape, you
must understand where the money is going. The three car companies receiving
loans are: Ford, Nissan and Tesla.Ford, which has long had a stated commitment to environmental practices,
boasts the 2010 Hybrid Fusion. The company will receive roughly $5.9
billion in loans, which reportedly will be used to change some of their
manufacturing plants around to make more hybrid cars. Tesla Motors is
receiving $465 million. The innovative startup makes an all-electric car
with a battery that can travel over 200 miles on a single charge (it's also
wicked fast). Nissan received 1.6 billion.Why are clean cars so vital to the green job movement? Imagine turning tens
of thousands of car manufacturing jobs into green jobs.Instead of having manufacturers make dirty gas guzzlers, they can make more
hybrid electric and dedicated electric cars. Starting immediately, the loan
money will go to directly to hire workers to retool for the clean car
industry.By 2012 not only will many jobs be created, it will also put a good amount
of clean cars on our highways. There will likely be a lot more money
available to car companies soon, as Chrysler and GM slowly emerge from
Chapter 11 bankruptcy.For the very latest in green jobs across the globe please click here"