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Energy Outlook report shows positive impact on jobs

"Energy outlook report shows positive impact on jobs(via The Spectrum.com)The Department of Energy's Energy Information Administration has released
its updated 2009 Energy Outlook Report to assess the impact of the American
Recovery and Reinvestment Act, passed by Congress in January, on the U.S.
energy outlook.AARA's energy-specific provisions aim to create more than 500,000 jobs, by
accelerating deployment of smart-grid technology, providing
energy-efficiency funds for the nation's schools, offering support for the
nation's governors and mayors to tackle their energy challenges, and
establishing a new loan guarantee program to keep the nation's transition
to renewable energy on track during the economic crisis.The EIA report shows that the recovery bills clean energy provisions are
working. As Congress begins consideration of the Waxman-Markey clean energy
and climate bill this week, the EIA report signals that America's economy
should be fueled by clean energy that will grow jobs, decrease energy costs
and oil dependence, and reduce heat-trapping pollution.""The EIA report supports the movement in Congress to pass clean energy
legislation to reduce our dependence on oil, save consumers money, and
create clean energy jobs,"" says Rep. Edward Markey, D-Mass. ""If we want a
lasting and sustainable economic recovery, we must pass comprehensive clean
energy legislation.""The report found that ARRA's clean energy tax credits and loan guarantee
program will result in ""a significant expansion in the use of renewable
fuels for electricity generation, particularly in the near-term.""The recovery package also doubles the amount of wind energy to be built by
2012, with a 67 percent overall increase by 2030. In addition, ARRA's
provisions promoting clean energy, greater efficiency and lower energy
consumption are expected to result in a 1.3 percent reduction in
energy-related carbon dioxide emissions in 2013. .Where to get energyTo stimulus or not to stimulus - that is the question. When it comes to
energy where to get that energy. In a world that makes no sense and change
happens so quickly do we continue business as usual? Can we afford to turn
a blind eye to supply and demand of energy? What are the answers and where
do we find comfort in the direction we decide to trek?With new oil discoveries almost nonexistent and reluctance to drill new
wells. What do we do for our energy? With the cheap oil gone and the world
demanding more energy where do we turn?With the economy down and little
hope of a quick recovery, what other opportunities can we explore to change
our world? As the industrial revolution created a new economy so can a
change in where and how we get our energy. We cannot change from one source
of energy to another with a flick of our magic finger. It will take time
and resources.Take photovoltaic modules that create electricity from the sun. For many
years manufactures could not keep up with the demand.In 2002, the first grid-tied system installs were more than off-grid system
installs. Mainstream America was installing as much renewable energy as the
marijuana growers and hippies were in the early days of the industry.To just keep up with growth of our energy needs we would need to install
more energy from photovoltaic modules than what has been installed to date.
We would need to keep doubling the installations each year for several
years to make a significant impact on our energy consumption.You can see that manufacturing needs to expand at a significant rate to
keep up. Installers and suppliers would need to grow at a tremendous rate.Wind energy would have to expand manufacturing and installations of wind
farms. Install turbines on land and sea. Turbines on the sea and under the
sea, on buildings and farms, every where there is a wind resource, it would
needs to be exploited.Renewable energy is not the whole answer but it can make an impressive
impact on our energy needs. We have to"